University of Catania
Medical, Surgical and Advance Technology Department “G.F. Ingrassia”.

Regional Laboratory for Environmental and Clinical Monitoring and Legionellosis Control.

No Name® is an inert gases blend.
Legionella spp., responsible of severe pneumonia in mankind through contaminate aerosol and nebulisers is an ubiquitous bacterium that frequently colonises hydraulic and aureaulic systems and networks especially in favourable conditions to nestle as those offered by biofilms and
calcareous scales. Thanks to limestone dissolution and biofilm deposits removal through inert gases, NoName® applications eliminate conditions that foster Legionella spp. plant colonisation. Six months experimental testing (data publication forthcoming) showed NoName® effectiveness in biofilm and calcareous scale removal. Tests revealed also that NoName® removal action, if paired with continuous, adequate sanitizer releases helps to control Legionella spp. colonisations in hydraulic conduits and sanitary hot water production systems.

Catania, November 25, 2014

The Executive
Prof. Maria Anna Coniglio


National Center for the study of legionnaire’sdisease of the Italian Ministry of Health at University of Catania

The containment of legionella is necessary and it is a legal obligation. NONAME, by eliminating the biofilm “home / breeding ground” of Legionella and amoeba, is the true method for its prevention by making efficient disinfectants devices. This effectively solves the problem of legionella as tested by university laboratories of Catania. The NONAME patent is according with Directive 98/83 EEC, does not alter the organoleptic conditions of water and realizing the desire of many users: they can comply with the requirements of organic method law.