Application fields

Easy to install, easy to use.

Essential for

  • Hotel
  • Thermal power plants
  • Individual houses and thermo
  • Gym centers, swimming pools, communities
  • Bars, restaurants, cookhouse
  • Hospitals, RSA, medical offices
  • Laundries, Hairdressers
  • Beauty salons, SPA
  • Food producers
  • Irrigation systems, wells
  • Farms
  • Cooling towers
  • Heat exchange systems
  • Marine water systems centers
  • Industrial facilities

Great savings with NoName®

By purifying the entire water system from limestone, you save:

  • Electricity up to 30%
  • Heating fuel to up to 20%
  • There is no water consumption for filter regeneration
  • No maintenance costs for the replacement of filters
  • No cost to purchase and refill the salt
  • Extending the life of the water system
  • Eliminating Biofilm and Legionella saves sanitation costs

Removing the existing lime-scale and preventing its forming avoids frequent maintenance and replacements not only of the pipes, but also of boilers, radiators, heater resistors, heat exchangers and all the connected equipments.

Hard drinking water well treatment in Volos (GR).

Results: the well, the hydraulic network linking we limestone eliminated without halting the system and without use of corrosive and polluting acids. Water is tested in laboratory and analyses confirm that it was not altered in organoleptic and chemical structure because hardness became temporary and did not precipitate any more.
Injecting the NoName® in an occluded well with an original flow rate of 280 lt/ sec reduced to 130 lt / sec which now required daily pump intervention, after about 20 days of operation a flow rate of 320 l / sec was found and recovered almost 4 meters deep, going from 27 meters to 31 meters

Well Treatment

Well Treatment


Your pipe before and after

Your heater resistor before and after

Well Treatment

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The NoName® group was founded in 2014 with the aim of developing and marketing the NoName® patent.

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By dissolving the limestone already present and what is added, replacements and maintenance are avoided.

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