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born from the intuition of two professionals and entrepreneurs from different sectors united by the desire to get back into the game and bet together on a new winning project.
Lucio Piticchio, already a leading national and international consultant for the most important companies in the gas production sector and inventor of the Noname system.
Michele Stivala, a professional in the construction sector at an international level who can boast works with important government agencies, is also a developer of sector patents.

Company: Arconhe Srl
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The different careers have meant that the meeting of these two important professional figures led to the recognition in the Noname system of the potential to develop concretely as the first and only product capable of solving the innumerable problems that they had encountered over time in their reference sectors.
These problems had a single common denominator: Water.

Arconhe’s mission is to resolve the need of the market to find a solution that could solve all the problems related to water with a single product and that afflict the most disparate sectors.
A mandatory point is that Noname must be a solution for the customer. A system that carries out both preventive and resolutive activities but above all allows the end customer to concentrate on his core business without having to worry, for example about lost productivity related to downtime, and that repays himself with the advantages obtained.

Aware that water is a primary good that humanity has the right to use in the best possible way the company proposes to be a solution for everyone.

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The NoName® group was founded in 2014 with the aim of developing and marketing the NoName® patent.

Fields of application

By dissolving the limestone already present and what is added, replacements and maintenance are avoided.

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