An introduction is necessary to explain well the Noname.

This is a mixture of inert gases of food quality (as already said absolutely harmless because of food quality) which injected into the water solubilizes the limestone found in the water itself in suspension and the limestone that is already formed on the walls of the water network and in its users. Furthermore, Noname in liquids binds dissolved free oxygen which causes oxidation and fermentation of the bacterial load.

Noname is very versatile and can be used in many sectors.

For some years now the sectors that have been tested so far and have been using it for some years now are:

  • The Hotel, Hospital, Healthcare and Rest, Community sector. This sector benefits from the lack of limestone present on the network, on the taps, on the sanitary ware, on the heat exchangers with considerable energy and water savings. Moreover, the Noname also eliminating the biofilm eliminates the culture medium of legionella and amoeba allowing any disinfectant to eradicate the legionella colonies from the customer’s water network.
  • The industry sector, that is all those cooling or heating systems that suffer a large expenditure of energy due to the limestone that forms both in the network and in the exchangers. (think of a thermoelectric power plant, industrial plants, etc …).
  • The water distribution network sector of aqueducts, to which the limestone continues to close part of the pipes by decreasing the water flow and making the operating pressure rise with the consequence that the pipes then burst or puncture. With considerable costs, being networks underground and under the road surface, in addition to the inefficiencies rendered to the entire population. By eliminating the biofilm you can decrease the amount of chlorine to put on the network and you will get 2 advantages. Specifically, the cleaned water network and the disinfected water will be obtained. Furthermore, as a second positive element, the non-corrosion of the pipes will be obtained since the reduced chlorine at low dosages does not corrode the pipe.
  • The food sector with food preservation. Noname binds free oxygen, slows the proliferation of the bacterial load, increasing the life of the fresh and unpasteurized product. Leaving all the organoleptic properties and fragrances intact, which would be lost through pasteurization.

How does it work

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The NoName® group was founded in 2014 with the aim of developing and marketing the NoName® patent.

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By dissolving the limestone already present and what is added, replacements and maintenance are avoided.

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